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Independence Hall: History/Legacy

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  • Release: 04 Jul, 2012
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Independence Hall . . . Its History, Its Legacy

Experience first hand, the story behind one of America’s greatest buildings, Independence Hall.

This 1 hour documentary that takes you back to 1728 when the Pennsylvania Legislature, meeting in taverns and rental houses, finally petitions the royal Governor to build a state house… and the rest is history. Commissioned to be erected under royal decree, the building when completed was the largest structure in the American colonies. Built more than a half century before the American Revolution, its original construction did not include the famous tower and steeple. Find out why and learn how this iconic symbol later became known as Independence Hall, the birthplace of freedom. The symbol of American Freedom began to be replicated, starting with the 1893 Chicago Centennial, Henry Ford’s Dearborn museum and most recently by Independence Bank located in Kentucky.

Bonus DVD Feature: The film Independence Bank, Independence Hall shares a behind the scenes look at why Independence Bank was moved by the spirit of freedom of this American icon. And see firsthand the challenges encountered in being true to an 18th century design while incorporating the need of a successful 21st century business.

Narration: Joe Van Riper

Front Cover Photo: Courtesy of Adam Smith

Design: WBrentPrice Design/Marketing.

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Running Time: Approximately 76 minutes

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