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The Secrets of the Kentucky Derby

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  • Label: Peridot Pictures
  • Release: 04 May, 2009
  • Catalog No: Documentary

twenty thousand bottles of water • six thousand long stem roses • ninty-five whole prime ribs • twelve executive chefs • five thousand five hundred staff • nine thousand cigars • sixty thousand hot dogs • twelve hundred bottles of bourbon • eighty thousand mint juleps • twenty tons of ice cubes • five hundred limos • two hundred private airplanes • seventy big screen TV’s • twelve thousand bales of hay • two private trains • one winning horse

See a special tribute to the legendary Seattle Slew
Meet the stars at the most exclusive Derby Balls
Find out how a Derby winner is created
Step inside Millionaire’s Row
Discover the secret to riding a winning horse


Made in U.S.A.

Cover Photo by AP Images.

Design: Brent Price


© MMIX Peridot Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. DVD Not Rated

Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes

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$19.95 (plus S&H)